MOOC Técnico relaunches two courses on Data Science

Course end date: 3rd February 2024 / Application deadline: 2nd February 2024

The Massive Open Online Courses platform at Técnico, MOOC Técnico, relaunched two online courses on Data Science: Data Science: KDD Process and Data Science: classification. The two courses are especially aimed at graduates, professionals or master’s students, who want to embark on a path as a data scientist.

Data Science, as a paradigmatic application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is now a key part of the 4th industrial revolution. Many are the opportunities for those who have fundamental knowledge in this area, since the job offer in Data Science in recent years has skyrocketed.

Both courses, the first on the KDD process (Knowledge Discovery in Databases), which aims to extract useful knowledge from a database, and the second on the various procedures for training predictive models, present the scientific foundations behind each of the topics covered.

Access to materials:

  • The course is free and takes place entirely online;
  • The contents are always open and participants take the course at their own pace;
  • The Certificate of Accomplishment will be released to anyone who successfully completed the course by achieving 60% of the total score on the Exam;
  • The course materials will remain available to all registered users after the end of this edition, so that they can return to the content at a later date;
  • All texts and subtitles of the videos included in the MOOC are provided in both English and Portuguese.

Course end date: 3rd February 2024
Application deadline: 2nd February 2024