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Physical Review Letters publishes another article by Técnico researchers

The article on charged black holes by the research group at the Department of Physics was published in the prestigious scientific journal.

An article by the Department of Physics at Técnico in collaboration with the Centre for Mathematical Analysis, Geometry and Dynamical Systems (CAMGSD), was published in the latest edition of Physical Review Letters. Vítor Cardoso, professor at the Department of Physics and one of the authors of the article explains: “Physical Review Letters is the world’s premier physics letter journal that published an article whose author was awarded the 2017 Nobel prize in Physics”.

The authors raise the hypothesis that Einstein’s theory fails to predict the future in some situations. One of the possible answers “is that Einstein’s equations need improvement. Another answer is that there are effects that have not been taken into account, which prevent this from even happening, “says Professor Vítor Cardoso. Or that “maybe Einstein was right, maybe there is a sensor in the Universe that prevents the formation of black holes with that electric charge”, says the professor.

One of the future goals outlined by the research group led by professor Vítor Cardoso is that “Técnico can become an international centre of Gravitation, leaving a legacy of important discoveries in the area.” We are at a crucial moment in history: Gravitational-wave astronomy will give us access to information that has been blocked for a hundred years…this is the moment to understand how things work”, he underlined.