Specialisation Course – Data Science and Unsupervised Data Analysis

Application deadline: 7th March 2022.

Unsupervised data analysis provides us with descriptive models that are very useful in the process of discovering information, contributing to a better understanding of domain knowledge and feature engineering.

Course information

Start date: 14th March 2022
End date: 13rd April 2022
Course schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays, 5.30 p.m./8 p.m.
Price: €900
Format: Online (via Zoom)
Duration: 25h
Application deadline
7th March 2022.

More information and applications.

Mastering non-predictive learning techniques is essential for the success of data science. The Specialisation course in Data Science and Unsupervised Data Analysis aims to introduce clustering, pattern discovery and anomaly detection for multivariate data. Particular relevance is given to the evaluation of the results obtained.

This course is part of the Specialisation Programme in Data Science for Engineers as optional.

Course goals

At the end of the programme, trainees are expected to be able to:

• Perform clustering;
• Discover the most important patterns (pattern mining and biclustering);
• Identify anomalies (Anomaly detection);
• Evaluate the information discovered.