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Bloomberg reported that Técnico “is teaching the art of entrepreneurship”

The British agency refers to Técnico’s alumni as examples of success in the Portuguese entrepreneurial scene.

This Wednesday, Bloomberg published an article entitled “Portugal Once Launched Ships, Now It Launches Startups” and refers to Técnico as a school that “is teaching students the art of entrepreneurship rather than just grooming them for careers in multinational corporations”.

The British agency highlights Jaime Jorge, founder of Codacy and former student of Information Systems and Computer Engineering, and Carlos Silva, former student of Information Systems, who founded Seedrs with Jeff Lynn.

As reported by Bloomberg, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union may accelerate startup formation throughout Europe, namely in Portugal where entrepreneurship has gaining ground. The Web Summit 2017, which will take place in Lisbon, can also facilitate this process.

According to the journalist Edward Robinson, the true test of Portugal will come in a couple of years, when this generation of startups need major investments. At that time these entrepreneurs will probably have to look for investment in London, Singapore or Silicon Valley, because there aren’t many European investors who play in this financing stage.