Science and Technology

Workshop focused on chemistry behind crystals, geology and art.

This workshop was part of the 4th International Congress organised by Casa das Ciências and was addressed to professors from all branches of science.

The workshop entitled “Novas Perspetivas no desenvolvimento de material didático: cristais químicos e reações em zoom in numa abordagem multidisciplinar com ligação à arte”, by professor Clementina Teixeira, took place this Tuesday, July 11. The workshop was part of the 4th International Congress organised by Casa das Ciências. Professors Manuel Francisco Pereira and Hermínio Diogo participated in the workshop and organised a visit to the Geosciences museums at Técnico.

“Our primary goal is to show how crystals perfectly interact with geology and art in the laboratory”, began to say professor Clementina Teixeira. Inorganic crystal growth caused by heterogeneous nucleation (called “On The Rocks” method) and Water Chemistry observed with stereoscopes and microscopes were some of the topics approached during the session. The professor also showed some of her works based on the paintings by Cristina Fontoura Carvalhão, Poen de Wijs and Jantina Peperkamp, and Digital Art.

Professor Clementina Teixeira was honoured during the session for her outstanding work as a professor and researcher. “Professor Clementina Teixeira is an inspiring person, capable of influencing anyone by sharing her knowledge”, said professor Manuel Francisco Pereira. An experimental session also took place during the session, involving the observation of crystals, silica gardens and soap ball games.