Getting ready for the Labour World

Técnico Career Center is dedicated to the development of our students’ professional careers and to their preparation enter the labour market. Getting Ready, Explore, Be Involved and Train are the objectives of this initiative, so that students obtain the necessary tools to find the opportunities that best suit their profile and ambitions.

Técnico is recognized as one of the most outstanding engineering schools in Portugal, with extremely competent graduates, that often even reach top positions in the most relevant Portuguese and international companies.

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Finding a Job

Técnico Job Bank is a platform that aims to facilitate the link between companies human resources needs of an organization and the skills of students who are concluding their studies and of graduate students at Técnico. 

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If you are an employer, see more information about our business-oriented recruitment programme.

Employability of our graduates

To stimulate and promote an employability active policy and giving the important role that Técnico’s graduates assume in the labour market, we monitor the employment situation of our graduates.

Técnico Graduate Employability Observatory systematizes, analyses and disseminates information, directly or indirectly about graduates professional status.

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