António Guterres

“The mental discipline acquired at Técnico Lisboa is the most important thing I have”

António Guterres, United Nations
Carlos Moedas

“The day I joined Técnico Lisboa was the day my life changed”

Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner
Cristina Fonseca

“Técnico was my education pillar. This is a school that graduates true highly skilled engineers. I have no doubt that this the best School of Engineering in Portugal.”

Cristina Fonseca, Talkdesk
João Taborda

“The role of Técnico Lisboa is to prepare people, and does so like very few other schools do”

João Taborda, Embraer
Carlos Silva

“An university like Técnico provides us with skilled human resources that make our business grow”

Carlos Silva, Seeders
Pedro Queirós

“Técnico trains top-skilled professionals with key competencies to develop different solutions”