Since 2016, Instituto Superior Técnico (Técnico) promotes the Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo Award aiming to recognise and reward annually two women, graduated at Técnico, as a way to promote the gender balance policy at Técnico and recognise the crucial role that woman have in all fields of Engineering. Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo was an Engineer and a distinguished alumna of Técnico with high impact in the Portuguese society and policy her whole life, being the first women who held the position of Prime Minister of Portugal.

The award is divided in two categories:

  • A former student who has completed her studies at Técnico for over 15 years and who has made outstanding contributions throughout her professional career;
  • A young graduated from Técnico, aged under 27 years on 31st December of the year preceding the one in which the prize refers to, whose Master’s thesis has been distinguished for its scientific quality and whose academic performance at Técnico has been remarkable.

In both categories, nominations and applications must be send, along with all relevant documentation, by e-mail to If the documentation size is above 10MB or the threshold supported by e-mail system, we suggest to create a file archive (zip or equivalent) and store it on a website or private storage repository (Dropbox, Google Drive or other) and send by e-mail just the link to the archive (in this case, please confirm that the link is open for reading).

2023 – 7th Edition

List of former awards

In the category of Alumna with a professional career of more than 15 years (Role Model):

In the category of young graduate (Young Alumna):