Alumni Talks – Breakfast Edition

Técnico - Alameda Campus

The Student Support Office (NAPE) and the Technology Transfer Unit at Técnico (TT@Técnico) will organise the 9th edition of Alumni Talks, with the support of Santander Universities.

Técnico students are invited to attend a breakfast with some of the most successful Técnico alumni on December 13, at 8.30 a.m., in Salão Nobre.

This is a unique opportunity to talk with people who have remarkable careers.

Attendance is free but requires prior registration until December 10.

This edition will be attended by the following alumni:

  • – Inês Eusébio | Head of Insurance Business Unit at Everis Portugal
    – João Baleizão | Chemical Recovery & Energy Area Manager at The Navigator Company
    – João Nuno Bento | Executive Director at Novabase
    – Paulo Jesus | Head of Learning & Innovation at Jerónimo Martins
    – Paulo Trezentos | Co-founder & CEO at Aptoide
    – Pedro Guerreiro | Key Account Executive at Apple
    – Pedro Lobo | Founder & Administrator at Innovagency.

More information:

NAPE – facebook page