Book presentation “As Equações Constitutivas na Modelação Geotécnica”

Técnico - Alameda campus

The book “As Equações Constitutivas na Modelação Geotécnica”, by Emanuel Maranha das Neves and Laura Caldeira, and published by IST Press, will be launched on May 9th, at 6 p.m., in DECivil museum.

Carlos Pina, President of LNEC and José Couto Marques, professor at FEUP, will present the book.

The use of programs based on calculation models, such as those presented in this book, is a very common practice in geotechnical engineering. It’s therefore essential to have a sufficiently deep knowledge of these models based on constitutive equations.

The book also addresses some simple constitutive equations used in the mechanics of materials and structures, which can be extremely formative when dealing with the concepts and methods of the current state of soil mechanics and, above all, the constitutive equations in which these are based.

No book on this topic exists, in Portuguese language, at present. Therefore, one of the main goals of this book is to close this gap.

Numerical methods in geotechnical engineering are included in this book as well as its applications in this area.

At the end of each chapter, applications related to the chapter subject are presented through solved problems, aiming to contribute to a better understanding of the subjects set out in each chapter.

This book is intended for professors, researchers and civil engineering students of Portuguese, Brazilian, Angolan and Mozambican universities, as well as for those who develop their activity in state laboratories and in civil engineering project management.