Faraday Museum – Two exhibitions go out doors

The Faraday Museum participates in the following two exhibitions:

  • Storytelling Meters” recounts chapters taken from the history of electric power from the late 19th century to the present day by using visual items, objects and appliances from the EDP Foundation Energy Heritage Collection.
    Curator: Joaquim Moreno, architecture historian.

    • Faraday Museum has lent a Edison replica counter.
    • Dates: open until 7th March 2022.
    • Venue: Central Tejo, MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Lisbon.
  • No início era a válvula…do sinal analógico ao digital” presents a wide variety of 20th century valves and shows their central role in the development of the communications industry.
    : Portuguese Communications Foundation’s (PCF).

    • Museu Faraday participates in this exhibition through a 1950s Hi-Fi sound demonstration – sound processed with systems based on electronic valves.
    • Free entry.
    • Dates: open until 30th October 2021.
    • Venue: PCF, Communications Museum, Lisbon.

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