INESC MN Seminar – Filipe Arroyo Cardoso

Zoom videoconferência

“Implantable biosensing devices: the future of biosensing?” - 16:00 - Pre-registration required

INESC MN will organise a seminar on 11th june, under the “INESC MN 2021 Seminar Series”.

• 11th June 2021, friday, 16:00 – Online (pre-registration is required)

• Speaker: Dr. Filipe Arroyo Cardoso (Research Scientist, Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, NY, USA; IST Alumnus)

• Title: “Implantable biosensing devices: the future of biosensing?

• Moderator: Verónica Romão (INESC MN). 

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