IST Distinguished Lecture: “The Future of Computing: Academia, Research and Industry”

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The lecture is open and free. Prior registration is required.

We are pleased to announce a new IST Distinguished Lecture on May 6th. A panel of six distinguished speakers will discuss the computing profession’s state in the world today and its future outlook. The panel focuses on the many challenges of computational science, computer science education, and how Information Technology affects society, industry, and academia.

• 6th May, 2021, Thursday, 17:00/19:00 – Online (via Twitch)

• Title: “ACM/IEEE Presidential Panel on the Future of Computing: Academia, Research and Industry

• Speakers panel:

· Gabriele Kotsis (President of Association for Computing Machinery: ACM, 2020-2022; Full Professor in Computer Science at JKU: Johannes Kepler Universität, Linz, Austria);

· Forrest Shull (President of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: IEEE Computer Society, since January  2021; PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland; Lead for Defense Software Acquisition Policy ResearchDefense Software Acquisition Policy Research at SEI: Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA, USA);

· Barbara Liskov (Institute Professor and Head of the Programming Methodology Group at Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, USA);

· Moshe Y. Vardi (University Professor and the George Distinguished Service Professor in Computational Engineering, and Head of Technology, Culture, and Society Initiative, at Rice University, Houston TX, USA);

· Nuria Oliver (PhD from MIT, Cofounder and Vicepresident of ELLIS: The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems, non-for-profit foundation; Chief Data Scientist at collaborative laboratory “Data-Pop Alliance”, international non-for-profit organization, USA);

· Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Research Professor, half-time, at Institute for Experiential AI, Northeastern University, Silicon Valley Campus, CA, USA; and Consultant to startups and other organizations, particularly in fair Artificial Intelligence, in the other half).

• Moderator:
Joaquim Jorge (Full Professor at IST Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Universidade de Lisboa, PT).

The lecture is open and free. Prior registration is required.

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