Lecture by John E. Williamson – American Corners

Técnico - Taguspark campus

On 23rd April, at 10 a.m., John E. Williamson (VR producer/designer project manager, SAIC – Science Applications International Corporation, Seattle, EUA) will give the lecture “The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR)”, at Técnico – Taguspark campus (room 0.65), under the partnership between Técnico and the US embassy in Portugal – American Corners.

In the very near future, machines will be able to identify nearly everything and their algorithms will be able to extrapolate seemingly innocuous data points, like the contents of your shopping cart, into your personal life. With AR, you, or your government or corporations, may be able to access that data anytime, any where in real time. What will it mean for interpersonal relations if that AI prevents anyone from being able to tell a White Lie? What do ethics have to do with driverless car AI? Why will we have no choice but to program driverless cars to kill, and who will have to choose who lives or dies with a few lines of code?

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