Mobile Radiation Detection System: advances and challenges

Zoom video conference

On 24th March 2021, at 11:00, the Técnico PhD student Luís Marques (CIDIUM / AFA), under the supervision of researchers dr. Alberto Vale (IPFN / IST) and dr. Pedro Vaz (C2TN / IST), will give a virtual lecture (via Zoom) about the recent developments in mobile radiation detection systems.

In the last decade, new developments in mobile radiation detection have brought new advances and challenges in the detection, quantification, location and identification of radioactive sources and nuclear materials, or in the mapping and characterization of contaminated areas.

The state of the art of such mobile systems will be presented in this lecture, considering four types of scenarios. Pluridisciplinary and cutting-edge scientific, technological and engineering topics will be identified, to the subject under consideration. Special emphasis will be put on small platforms, such as unmanned vehicles, in particular unmanned aerial vehicles, which require detectors with high detection efficiency and better energy resolution, together with other characteristics such as: compactness, reliability, low cost, low energy consumption and less expensive devices.

Attendance is free.