SCERG-iBB Seminar 3

Zoom video conference

The Stem Cell Engineering Research Group (SCERG) at iBB – Institute for Biosciences and Bioengineering of Instituto Superior Técnico, will organise the following SCERG-iBB seminar.

  • 19th February 2021, 13:00 – Online


  • Ana Tiago (MSc student): Optimization of Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Culture Methodologies Towards the Development of a Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Diseases
  • Adriana Vieira (MSc student): In vitro modeling of Angelman syndrome using the neural commitment of patient-specific iPSCs
  • Catalina Cepeleaga (MSc student): Breaking Down Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells: Uncovering the Potential of Decellularized Extracellular Matrix
  • Diana Marques (MSc student): Development of sustainable scaffolds from natural available materials.

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