SCERG-iBB Seminar 6


The Stem Cell Engineering Research Group (SCERG) – iBB will organise the 6th SCERG-iBB Seminar.

  • 12th March, 13:00 – Online


  • Carlos Maia (PhD student in Bioengineering – Cell therapies and Regenerative Medicine, MD) – Implications and complications of different types of materials and its application in knotless rotator cuff repairs: An evaluation of force, pressure and area of contact of tapes in a tendon bone unit mechanical model and evaluation of clinical outcomes.
  • Cristiana Ulpiano (PhD student) – Modulation of angiogenesis by extracellular vesicles from mesenchymal stromal cells using minicircle-derived RNAi technology.
  • Carina Maranga (PhD student) – Cerebellar organoids derived from hiPSCs to model Angelman Syndrome.
  • Diogo Nogueira (PhD student) – Engineering Characterisation of Bioreactors for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Expansion and Cardiac Differentiation.

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