Seminar@DEM – Ramiro Neves

“Fluid Mechanics and the Environment” – 1 p.m.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Técnico (DEM-IST) is pleased to announce a new seminar, under the Seminars@DEM 2022.

  • 26th January 2022, 1 p.m. – In-person*
  • Speaker: professor Ramiro Neves(IST/DEM/Scientific Area of Environment and Energy; Vice-President of MARETEC/IST, Center for Environment and Marine Technologies).
  • Title: “Fluid Mechanics and the Environment
  • Abstract:
    Words such as interdisciplinarity, sustainability and circular economy have entered our jargon, driven by environmental issues (including climate) and the imperative of managing non-renewable natural resources. These words often appear in generalist speeches, sometimes giving the impression that it is better to be a generalist than to be a specialist. In this seminar we will try to convey the idea that interdisciplinarity is a necessity to reach sustainability (the circular economy is a consequence of sustainability) and that Fluid Mechanics (and implicitly Energy and Mass Transfer) is a basic discipline in interdisciplinarity. This seminar will be based on the mathematical modeling work developed at MARETEC based on the MOHID Model (which in its initial phase meant the HIDrodynamic Model). The model will be presented as a repository of knowledge and as a tool to promote interdisciplinarity, as it allows specialists in one area to use knowledge from specialists in other areas. The presentation will be illustrated with project results based on the model.

*Venue: Alameda campus, Informatics III building, ground floor, FA3 amphitheatre.