Talk “Como pode a Web servir-me?” – Miguel Casquilho

alameda campus & Zoom

Professor Miguel Casquilho (DEQ/IST) will give a talk on 28th May.

• 28th May, 12:00-13:00 – Online (via Zoom)*

• Title: Como pode a Web servir-me?

• Abstract:

In the technological era we are living in, the Web has been “left behind” when it comes to computational science. It is, in general, a means of publicizing our skills, namely in Engineering, facilitating the Academy-Industry linking process. We will talk about computational science “on the Web”, focusing on: antecedents; illustrative examples; possible future collaborations; and conclusions.

• Target audience: Students (4th and 5th year), people interested in Computational Science.

* The event will take place in-person (very limited capacity, EA3 amphitheatre, North Tower) or via Zoom.

The talk will be held in Portuguese.