Técnico+ Expert Talk: Agile Leadership is not a toolbox

Via Zoom

We are pleased to announce a new “Técnico+ Expert Talk”, organised by Técnico+.

  • 8th September 2021, 18:00 – Online
  • Speaker: engineer Margarida Gonçalves
  • Title: “Agile Leadership is not a toolbox

Agility is a mindset based on a set of values and principles that must be internalized by organizations to better adapt to change.Agile frameworks (such as Scrum) emerge to support organizations in their agile transformation, recommending a set of practices and procedures aligned with the agile mindset. However, many organizations tend to interpret agility as a toolbox, applying the recommendations of these frameworks literally, without adapting them to the reality of their teams.In this webinar, we’ll discuss the limitations of this approach, and how agile leadership can play a critical role in the success of an agile transformation.

  • About the speaker
    Margarida Gonçalves is CEO of Quasinfalível, a software engineering company that provides consulting services in software engineering, mostly for certification in CMMI and ISO standards. Her main area of expertise is project management, both traditional and agile. She is currently the president of the National Certification Commission of APOGEP (the IPMA chapter in Portugal) and was co-author of ICB4 and ICB4CCT.
  • Attendance is free.  Registration is required.
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