Técnico podcast “110 Histórias, 110 Objetos” – “A Máquina de Calcular, de manivela, de Herculano de Carvalho”

The podcast “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” (“110 Stories, 110 Objects”) covers the 110 years of history of Instituto Superior Técnico, through its past, present and future objects.

A collection of objects related to different fields, such as science, music, arts and sports, is the starting point for conversations with people who will tell us more about the history of these objects.

A new episode is released every week. The podcast “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” (“110 Stories, 110 Objects”) is part of the Público newspaper podcasts.

Today’s episode (#49) – 3rd June, 2022: “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” (“110 Stories, 110 Objects”) – “A Máquina de Calcular a manivela, de Herculano de Carvalho” (Herculano de Carvalho’s Hand Crank Calculating Machine).

With Swedish origins, in the 1930s, this hand-cranked calculating machine occupied a prominent place on the desk of António Herculano de Carvalho (Director of Técnico between 1938 and 1942). Capable of multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting, it was the best resource of its time, based on wheels and cranks, about 30 cm wide and weighing approximately 10 kg. The calculating machine occupies a prominent place in the history of Técnico’s Analysis Laboratory, which Herculano de Carvalho also directed, and is a testament to the research work that the engineer developed in the areas of water analysis but also nuclear energy.

The history of the hand-cranked Calculator, by Herculano de Carvalho in the 49th episode of the podcast “110 Histórias | 110 Objects”.

111 years of history and stories… to listen to every week.

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