Técnico podcast “110 Histórias, 110 Objetos” – The SenToy


The podcast “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” (“110 Stories, 110 Objects”) covers the 110 years of history of Instituto Superior Técnico, through its past, present and future objects.

A collection of objects related to different fields, such as science, music, arts and sports, is the starting point for conversations with people who will tell us more about the history of these objects.

A new episode is released every week. The podcast “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” (“110 Stories, 110 Objects”) is part of the Público newspaper podcasts.

Today’s episode (#31) – 28th January 2022: 110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” (“110 Stories, 110 Objects”) – The SenToy.

SenToy is an affective control toy, designed to control a synthetic character in a computer game. By expressing gestures associated with six human emotions through SenToy, players influence the emotions of the character they control in the game. It is actually one of the first European projects in the area of Affective Computing, led by a multidisciplinary team from Técnico (GAIPS/INESC-ID). SenToy, which includes the idea of sensing and toy in its name, was one of the first control toys using tangible user interfaces, which are so common today. SenToy is currently at the Faraday Museum.

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