Webinar “The future of the Portuguese economy in the post-Covid period” – Luís Mira Amaral

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Engineer Luís Mira Amaral will give a webinar under the Economics for Engineers course, offered by Técnico+, as follows:

  • 11th February 2021, 18:00 – Online (Registration is required),
  • Speaker: engineer Luís Mira Amaral*
  • Title: “The future of the Portuguese economy in the post-Covid period
  • Topics:
    • The eurozone and the role of the European Central Bank;
    • The Portuguese public debt purchase program by the Eurosystem-ECB and BP;
    • The NextGenerationEU program and the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan “Recuperar Portugal 2021-2026”;
    • The concepts of GDP and GNP;
    • The microeconomic notion of installed capacity and the macroeconomic concept of potential GDP;
    • Perspectives for the Portuguese economy in the Post-Covid period: the injection of money in the short term and the term growth model.

*About the speaker:
Luís Mira Amaral was Minister of Labor and Social Security (1985-87) and Minister of Industry and Energy (1987-95), as well as invited associate professor of Industrial Economics at Nova SBE and invited Full Professor of Economics and Management at Técnico. He is currently Chairman of Busy Angels SA. and Chairman of the CIP Industry and Energy Councils. He is an Electrical Engineer by Técnico, Master in Economics by Nova SBE and Post-Graduate in Management by Stanford University. He also attended the Strategic Management Banking Program at INSEAD, the Asset Liability Management at Euromoney Training, the Power Systems Reliability Evaluation at the University of Manchester and the Course for Non-Executive Directors at the Portuguese Institute of Corporate Governance.

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