WREC Lisbon 2020 – World Renewable Energy Congress *rescheduled*

Técnico - Alameda campus

The World Renewable Energy Congress – WREC 2020 – will celebrate its 30th anniversary from 15th to 19th March, 2021 (*new dates*).

Professors Manuel Correia Guedes (IST/DECivil; CEris) and Carlos Santos Silva (IST/DEM; IN+/LARSyS) are the Chairmen – Portugal and the co-organisers of the event.

Professors Francisco Nunes Correia (IST/DECivil; CEris), Fernando Nunes da Silva (IST/DECivil; CEris), Manuel Duarte Pinheiro (IST/DECivil; CEris; LiderA), Paulo Ferrão (IST/DEM; IN+/LARSyS) and José Falcão de Campos (IST/DEM; MARETEC) are members of WREC 2020 national committee.

Professor Manuel Duarte Pinheiro will also be a speaker, as well as Professor António Sarmento (IST/DEM; MARETEC).

Important dates.

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