Science and Technology

“Building better cities is the only alternative”

During two days, Técnico hosted the major global conference on Urban Development.

The 40th INTA World Urban Development Congress on the topic “Living, Building, Financing the City Post-Habitat III”, took place from 28th to 30th November, at Técnico – Congress Centre.

Professor Fernando Nunes da Silva, president of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Georesources (DECivil), noted that “the two days of intense work” allowed the audience to get “a great overview” on all topics related to cities.

Maurice Charrier, president of INTA, spoke about the importance of “social and cultural development as a way to ensure a more inclusive city”.

According to Paula Marques, councillor at Lisbon City Hall (CML), “One of INTA’s great asset is to bring together academia, policy makers and technical staff “. “I wish to congratulate INTA for doing this for forty years.”

Professor José Mendes, Secretary of State for Environment, took the opportunity to congratulate Técnico and CML for “organising a conference on such relevant topics”. “Studies show that, in spite of the problems, people still prefer to live in cities. And this shows us that building better cities is the only alternative.”