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1st edition of International Staff Week is a success

During this week, the participants have the opportunity to deepen and to debate topics related with the internationalisation of higher education .

The large number of people who attended the International Staff Week shows that this new event organised at Técnico is a success. About 40 professionals participated in a wide range of activities, shared their experiences and knowledge and discussed strategies. Besides these activities the programme included several networking moments.

The International Staff Week started last Monday, October 8. The president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, stressed that “internationalisation of higher education is very important for us”. Joana Mira Godinho, Director of Agência Nacional Erasmus+ educação e formação, made an interesting presentation about the present and the future of Erasmus+ Programme and shared some of the challenges that lie ahead, namely the importance of “promoting inclusion and common values” and “creating a programme that has a growing impact”. “We want that the programme continues to evolve,  helping young people to improve their curricula”, she stressed.

According to professor Luís Miguel Silveira, Vice-president of Técnico for International Affairs, “Técnico is a large and well known school in a small country like ours”. The Vice-president also highlighted the importance of “reinforcing the global impact of Técnico and its visibility at national and international level, in the field of economy, technology and culture”.

Strategic partnerships, funding programmes and the recruitment of international students were some of the topics addressed in the lectures and workshops. One of the highlights of this week is the International Day, which started today at Taguspark campus and lasts until tomorrow, October 11, at Alameda campus. The event gathers hundreds of students, allowing them to learn more about the mobility programmes and scholarships.