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2nd EGI Seminar Series focused on the role of the Industrial Management Engineer

The Student Group of Industrial Engineering and Management organised a set of activities aiming to bring together students and professionals of this area.

Future perspectives, new skills, approach to the labour market and the exchange of knowledge are the topics of the 2nd edition of EGI Seminar Series, which will take place on 26th and 27th April at Taguspark campus. According to Filipa Alves, one of the coordinators of this event, the workshops and lectures “are an opportunity for students to contact with people and their experiences, and to learn more about topics that are not addressed in the classroom”. This edition will be focused on the role of the Industrial Management Engineer in the different sectors.

Professor Luís Correia, Vice-president of Técnico for the Management of Taguspark campus, attended the opening session and highlighted the importance of this event once “it allows students to approach the labour market and to define in advance their areas of interest”. “Técnico is concerned with these issues and this seminar series will help all those involved in the labour market”, he noted.

According to engineer Zita Moreira, logistics controller at Parfois, “the company’s goal is to create irresistible accessories at affordable prices, and that’s what we have in mind every day. We distinguish ourselves by offering our customers design at an affordable price”, she said.

During her lecture, engineer Zita Moreira, spoke about the recently implemented project that was vital to “prepare the logistic services for internationalisation”. Logistics process flow, replenishment system and restocking were some of the topics addressed during the lecture. At the end, she challenged the students to join Parfois team: “Our company make the good employees feel valued and allow them to achieve what they set out to do”.