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31st edition of Jobshop brings together 90 companies and offers a lot of opportunities

The event organised by AEIST was once again a success.

AEIST will organise the 31st edition of Jobshop, from 7th to 9th May.

“This is a great opportunity to broaden our horizons,” says Edgar Remédios, a recent graduate in Industrial Engineering and Management (EGI). He came to the event looking for a job  and he will take this opportunity to learn more about the companies that participate in this year’s edition. “Students should come here, even if they are not finishing the course, because there are a lot of job offers and the companies are looking for students who have improved their CV while at university”, he says.

The students’ motivation for visiting Jobshop are very similar. Miguel Loff, from GEFE/AEIST, explains why: “Técnico students are, generally, very concerned about the future, and this is an opportunity of anticipating things and to find opportunities”.

In total, and during three days, 90 companies will participate in this year’s edition and will present their trainee programmes, job offers and internship offers. “Companies are interested in hiring Técnico students”, highlights Miguel Loff. “This event is getting bigger and better known. Companies want to be part of it”, he adds.

The last day will include free workshops and a pitch where 50 participants will present themselves to 25 companies. “We want to provide students a first encounter with companies, so that they can have the opportunity to train communication skills”, explains Miguel Loff. “There were 50 places and they are all filled, which shows a positive feedback”, he added.

The Navigator Company draw students’ attention. According to Cátia Neves, “The Navigator Company recognises talent and once we concentrate our activity in engineering, it’s obvious that Técnico students are a great asset to our company”.

According to Mariana Martinho and Ana Duarte, Petroleum Engineering MSc students, “it’s important that we know the labour market“, says Mariana. “These events are very important because it’s an opportunity to find a job that suits us”, adds Ana Duarte.