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About 70 companies recruiting at Técnico’s Jobshop

This 29th edition includes new features and there are an increasing number of companies that participate in this initiative.

From 9th to 11th May, the Students’ Union at Instituto Superior Técnico (AEIST) organised the 29th edition of Jobshop on the topic “Get in the game”. Companies such as Sonae, PWC, Deloitte, Nokia, Synopsys and EDP participated in this year’s edition.

“The students are getting more involved this year”, said Margarida Bandeira, AEIST’s Communications Coordinator. “Students feel compelled to come here due to the dimension of this fair and because everything is happening in the same place. Besides that, at Jobshop, students can find what they want: a job”, she added.

In this edition the organisation created a curriculum delivery platform that eases the delivery proccess: “beamian is a platform that associates student data and curricula to students cards. Then, to submitt their curriculum during the jobshop, they just need to pass the student card in companies stands”. Additionally, AEIST provided companies and candidates a room where they can meet for interviews.

“We work all year for Jobshop, so these three days are the culmination of a year of work. We are very glad to have a positive effect on students’ life”, says Margarida Bandeira. “Several students find a job here. This is a fair where important relationships are established”, noted the AEIST coordinator.

According to Pedro Nunes, representative of Thales Portugal at the Jobshop, “Técnico is a reference, so it’s very important for us to recruit here”. The company has five job vacancies and they will be filled at the end of Jobshop: “I believe that I will find here the best options to fill this five job vacancies”.

In a dynamic atmosphere, each company that participated in this fair took the opportunity to disseminate its internships, to set profile preferences and market strategies.