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A holiday week dedicated to Engineering

The first week of Verão na Ulisboa, an initiative that offers Basic and Secondary students the opportunity to experience the academic life in the several schools of Universidade de Lisboa, ended this Friday.

Not everyone knows what it’s like, but they all know what brought them here: the curiosity and the desire to learn more about engineering and Técnico. The first week was attended by over two hundred secondary school students, who who were always motivated.

Making a banana piano and a model of a shelter, drawing 3D models, preparing an ice cream, measuring the thickness of a hair using a laser or building a rocket were some of the activities carried out by the students at Alameda campus. The activities at Taguspark campus were also very diversified: the creation of a video game and the simulation of a supply chain. In the end, the goal was to show that engineering can be fun and diversified.

Participants are divided into groups that never spend much time doing the same activities. Miguel Bizarro is part of the group that is carrying out an activity organised by Fórum Civil, whose challenge is to build a spaghetti bridge, and he is very excited “This is the second time that I come to Verão na ULisboa at Técnico. This year I am enjoying it even more”, he says. “I want to try as many things as possible, to be sure that I want to study physics and nothing else, because there are a lot of very interesting courses here”, says the 15 year-old student.

“Being here during this week was my first choice”, says Beatriz Ferreira, a 17 year-old student. “I am torn between Medicine and Engineering. I believe that being here will help me to decide”, explains the young girl. João Albuquerque, who was in her group, has the same doubts regarding the future. He also chose to spend this week at Técnico due to the wide range of activities: “After seing all the activities in the other schools, I realised that I wanted to be here. I came all the way from Aveiro, but I really had to be here”, he points out. “I have been trying to learn more about the people, the classes, the academic environment and I only have one thing to say: I would fit into Técnico very well”.

During this week the participants discovered their skills and professional options, made some friends and learn more about engineering. “I can’t believe this all over”, were saying several students while waiting for the launch of the rockets built by the groups.

Next week the activities will be addressed to 7th and 9th year students. The number of participants will be the same as well as the simultaneous activities on both campuses.