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Exploring the breadth and versatility of Materials Engineering during one week

Secondary school students, from Science and Technology area, learnt more about the different applications of the course through fun and diverse experiments.

The event “Explora os Materiais” started yesterday, February 15, and welcomed several secondary school students. This event, which is organised bt NEMAT – Materials Engineering student group, it’s one of the most well-known events at Técnico and captivates a wide audience. According to Bruno Machado, the president of NEMat, this event aims “to promote materials engineering course and attract students to Técnico”.

Caixa Geral de Depósitos was one of the supporters attending this event, which “intends to be different every year”, says Bruno Machado. “We want to show students the practical application of the course in real life and make them understand the importance of Materials Engineering”, underlined the president of NEMat.

Students feel very enthusiastic with practical experiments, whether relating to a bullet-proof jacket or a car cowl. The most awaited moment is when students explore the 3D printing steps. “Our purpose here is to show students that materials engineering is a comprehensive and transversal course on chemistry, physics and mechanics. We captivate them with these different set of experiments”, says Bruno Machado.

More than 1030 students are expected to participate in this year’s edition, which runs until February 21. Some of them may come back here, in a few months, as students or to monitor activities, which according to Bruno Machado has, in fact, been happening.