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A universe of opportunities for students at the Aerospace Week

The Aerospace Engineering student group at Técnico (AeroTéc) organised the Aerospace week over the past four days.

AeroTéc organised the Aerospace Week (SA) from 2nd to 5th March. The event was once again a success.

Air traffic control, the challenges of space exploration, Galileo – the global navigation satellite system, the challenges and opportunities for business , were topics addressed during these days. “The SA aims not only at aerospace engineering students, but also at other students. Our main goal is to bring renowned speakers with successful careers to this event”, says Mariana Ribeiro, member of SA organising committee. “For the company fair, in turn, we try to bring the companies that offer more opportunities”, she adds.

The AeroTéc team always invite people who have a successful career and a link to Técnico. “We tried to bring Técnico alumni because they had already experienced what we are experiencing right now, and now they hold important positions; we find it quite inspiring”, stresses Mariana Ribeiro. The feedback from Técnico alumni is very positive. “They easily accept our invitation. In general, they love to come here because they like to meet the students and return to Técnico”.

Bruno Mendes, Project Manager A400M Training Devices and Simulators at Airbus and Técnico alumnus, shared his professional journey and explained why Erasmus is important for students “because we will probably end up working abroad”. The Técnico alumnus talked about the importance of the first job on career development plan and the importance of building a network of contacts. “When we start working in a specific branch, naturally we will specialize in that branch and we will continue working for a long time in that area”, stressed Bruno Mendes, who also talked about his work, projects and recruitment process at Airbus.

Thales, Edisoft, NOS and Hifly were some companies that participated in the exhibition fair, held at the main building.

“We try to bring speakers with diverse backgrounds because this event aims at Técnico students in general. There are many students from other courses who are interested in space”, says Mariana Ribeiro.