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Aerospace Week

During four days, the participants had the opportunity to attend different activities and learn more about the labour market.

The Aerospace Week took place this week, at Alameda campus, and included exhibition stands, lectures, workshops and roundtables. The lectures are always the most awaited moment, largely due to the prominent speakers. Aircraft marketing, air crash and aerospace medicine were some of the key topics. Sérgio Brás, Técnico alumnus, shared his experience at the European Space Agency (ESA) and inspired the audience.

Several companies participated in this event: Delta, Nos, Edisoft, OGMA, LSE Space and GMV group. The Aerospace Engineering student group (AeroTéc) wanted to go one step further this year and invited the UAV Operational Testing Cell (CEOV). According to Diogo Janeiro, member of AeroTéc, “the exhibition stands are a great opportunity for students to make the first contact with the companies. However, this year, we wanted to go further and we are organizing roundtables in the last day so that students can present themselves to companies”.

“We want to give participants the opportunity to attend soft skills workshops”, says Diogo Janeiro. Mara Caeiro, partner at QSR consulting, gave a workshop titled “Skills 2022” and shared important tips with a vast audience. ”Companies value soft skills more than ever”, she stressed. “Analytic and innovative thinking, active and strategic learning ability and creativity/originality will be the most important skills of future professionals”, she said. “The labour market is increasingly demanding so you have to prepare your future in line with these tendencies”, said Mara Caeiro.