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A very realistic flashback of the “IV Seminário de Estudos Associativos de 1968”

In a very similar scenario to the one experienced in 1968, the several participants shared their own experiences.

This Thursday, June 7, AEIST in collaboration with Associação Cultural Ephemera and Técnico, organised an event to recall the “IV Seminário de Estudos Associativos de 1968”. This second event is part of a wide range of events organised by AEIST on these agitated years of student movement. The seminar was moderated by António Armando da Costa. The initial debate was led by Alberto Costa, Jorge Almeida Fernandes, Jorge Veludo and Paula Fonseca, all of them former leaders of Student Movement and active participants at the “IV Seminário de Estudos Associativos”.

“I was here 50 years ago, after a few months of hard work,” recalled Jorge Almeida Fernandes, student at the School of Law, and one of the co-organisers of the “IV Seminário de Estudos Associativos”. “José Eduardo Freire – one of the main authors of this idea – had a conversation with me and explained me that the student movement was very weak, that there was a new generation and the world had changed a lot; and these changes were reflected in the university” said Jorge Almeida Fernandes. “People shared their visions, presented motions and proposals, there was a commission that moved ideas forward. We discussed those ideas and then we voted”, he said.

“I think we were able to mobilise the students into AEIST” said Jorge Veludo, at the time vice-president for external affairs at AEIST. “The organizing committee has done a remarkable work. The result couldn’t be better”, he added. Paula Fonseca, one of the 12 women who attended the several sessions and also member of AEIST stressed that “associations had a will of being linked to the population”.

Rethinking the journey, propagating memories and, above all, promoting the sharing of testimonies of those who experienced these moments are the main goals of such events.