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A workshop that promotes MOOC Técnico

The exchange of ideas and production strategies on MOOC Técnico were some of the topics approached.

MOOC Lab, a workshop devoted to the development process and educational multimedia production, specifically aimed at MOOC Técnico courses, took place on 10th and 11th April.

Participants, professors and researchers of Técnico were involved in practical and dynamic sessions, and participated in video production. “The authors and tutors of the first 3 online courses launched since October 2016 attended the workshop, as well as some of the professors who will lecture the next 5 online courses to be launched by the end of the year”, explains professor Ana Moura Santos, the scientific and pedagogical coordinator of MOOC Técnico.

The exchange of experiences allowed that “the professors who are producing the next courses met each other and realised their common difficulties, but also the diversity of contents that are being produced”, explains professor Ana Moura Santos, who also added “the positive feedback from the participants was also important to encourage professors and future candidates. It is also a recognition of the excellent work carried out by the multidisciplinary team that has been involved in this project”.

The first MOOC Técnico courses were launched at the end of 2016. In just two months more than 1000 people register at MOOC Técnico, to which added 500 people until now. As a result of this workshop, five new online courses will be produced between the last quarter of 2017 and the beginning of the next year.

According to professor Ana Moura Santos, the success of this initiative is largely due to “Técnico’s commitment in this area”. “MOOC Técnico courses represent a democratisation of higher education, without compromising a certified high-quality education”, she added.