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Another successful edition of aerospace week

This year’s edition included lectures, a business fair, alumni talks, workshops and once again attracted hundreds of participants.

In the first day, the participants had the opportunity to attend a Airshow RC models presented by Pedro Precioso, a professional pilot, as well as a drone demonstration. This year’s edition included a business fair, workshops and several lectures.

Hundreds of people attended the activities organised by AeroTéc, the Aerospace Engineering Student Group at Técnico. The lectures were delivered by Técnico alumni who are currently holding positions in companies such as Airbus, CERN and European Space Agency (ESA). According to Raquel Carmo, from the organising committee, “the lecture delivered by Henrique Raposo, a former student of aerospace engineering, who is now working at Airbus has exceeded all expectations. The room was crowded.”

The lecture delivered by Sofia Caeiro, also a former student, who is currently at ESA, was focused on the opportunities provided by the European Agency and the begginning of her career at ESA. “When I got there, I didn’t feel any pressure, but rather encouraged to learn things slowly”, said Sofia Caeiro. “I didn’t face great difficulties in technical terms because I was well prepared”, she added. At the end she clarified many doubts and reiterated several times that “the amazing experience of working at ESA is an opportunity that enriches us a lot and that we must seize”.

During the four days, the participants had the opportunity to fly in a simulator, to know some tricks to enhance their professional profile and to learn a little more about Arduino. Today will be held one of the most well-known activities of the aerospace week: a rockets workshop that teaches participants to design a micro rocket step by step and then will fly over the Alameda campus, if weather conditions allow.