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“Be the creators of the future”

These are the words of a Técnico alumnus who attended the Graduation Day ceremony held for the first time at Ulisboa, in Aula Magna.

The Graduation Day 2017 took place this Saturday, November 25 and brought together hundreds of graduates, families and friends.

After the diploma award ceremony, professor Arlindo Oliveira, president of Técnico addressed the audience and congratulated the graduates for their achievement. He recalled how “lucky” they were for having studied “in the best engineering school of the country, one of the best engineering schools in Europe”. The more important is “to know that you are leaving here with all the skills to face the progress of science, technology and society”, said professor Arlindo Oliveira. “You have all the conditions to get a job that is not only economically compensating but also very interesting and rewarding”, he added. “You will have jobs that will make you vibrate and you will have the opportunity to make choices”, he concluded enthusiastically.

According to the alumnus João Pires, who was invited to speak at the ceremony, “Técnico is a special school, where learning and training go hand in hand, with some sacrifice, reward, happiness, frustration, friendships and, for some, passion”, said João Pires.

The alumnus Joaquim Sérvulo Rodrigues, Chairman and CEO of Armilar Venture Partners SCR shared his experience and left some advice. He spoke about the people who inspired him throughout his professional journey but he also recalled the difficulties he had been through. According to the alumnus, Técnico is like “a booster of our freedom” provided by the training at Técnico “that allow us to get better professional options. If we have studied anywhere else we wouldn’t have the same options”. In the end, he concluded his speech telling the recent graduates “wherever you are I sincerely wish you to be the creators of the future”.

After the ceremony some graduates shared their feelings. “The Graduation Day is an excellent idea and Aula Magna is the perfect place to celebrate such an important day. I am very happy”, shared Aura Franco, graduated in Microbiology. “It is very rewarding to receive this diploma. It was a difficult journey, but I made it and this is what really matters”, she adds. According to Francisco Teles “this is a relief, after five years of hard work I feel very fulfilled and I know that this diploma will have a really good impact in my future”.