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CONT(R)A, a project against energy waste

This project aims to attract Técnico students to become energy efficiency ambassadors.

CONT(R)A is a project developed by IN+ and funded by PPEC (Plan for the Promotion of Efficiency on Electricity Consumption). The project was presented this Tuesday at Alameda campus and, according to Diogo Henriques, the mentor of this project, “our goal is to arouse students’ curiosity, involving them in the project so that they can become our ambassadors”. CONT(R)A aims to raise awareness among Técnico community in energy efficiency matters and to “rethink habits, show the costs of energy consumption and find ways to change behaviours”, highlights the mentor of the project.

Several awareness actions took place at Alameda campus and “other similar actions are planned, which will surely have a positive impact”, says Diogo Henriques.

Técnico students can become “activists” in this project, by monitoring their home energy consumption through a device that the project will provide. Afterwards, the information and the good practices achieved will be shared in a platform. Anyone can report an energy waste happening in the different Técnico campuses. “We want students to change their habits so that when they forget to turn off the lights in their bedroom, or to turn off their laptop in the study room, they remember that they are wasting environmental resources”, adds the mentor of the project. “This campaign is expected to last”, says Diogo Henrique. Given the large number of people who showed interest about the project this Tuesday, CONT(R)A is already making people think twice.