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CTN Campus launches a new waste collection system

The project resulted in the installation of 45 eco-recycling bins in all buildings of CTN Campus, in Loures.

The Tecnológico e Nuclear Campus (CTN) at Técnico launched a new urban solid waste separation and differentiated collection system with the installation of 45 eco-recycling bins in all campus buildings. This initiative was implemented in collaboration with Sociedade Ponto Verde and will cover all campus buildings and aims to involve the entire community.

“This new system aims to promote the selective collection of waste, making the process faster, more effective and sustainable, reducing the economic impact of the urban solid waste (USW) management procedure at the campus”, explains Marta Almeida, professor at the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Engineering (DECN) and researcher at the Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (C2TN).

This project started with the installation of 45 eco-recycling bins in the common spaces of all CTN buildings, for the collection of undifferentiated waste, plastic, paper and glass.

“A large part of the community was already separating waste, but this was done in a disjointed way. The success of this initiative depends on the collaboration of the entire community. So far, there has been a great involvement of researchers, students, staff and cleaning crew in the process of assembly and installation of the eco bins. Also, the active participation in training and information sessions, and the correct use of the eco-recycling bins in the last weeks, makes us optimistic and expect very positive results”, adds Marta Almeida.

This initiative was organised by CTN community members, with the support of the campus management, and included training sessions aimed at the cleaning crew and an awareness and information campaign aimed at the entire community.