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Delegates: key elements to improve the teaching quality at Técnico

“The delegates have to be able to put others’ interests ahead of their own”, says the Técnico student Mágui Lage (MSc in Energy Engineering and Management) and one of the students who was elected delegate last academic year. As mediators of the relationship between students and faculty, the delegates get involved, give voice to the problems and difficulties of their colleagues, and try to be part of the solution. Even though they know that it’s not an easy task, they are resilient, they acquire experience and they contribute to solving many problems.

“I was interested about the delegate position, so I tried to find out more about their role. I found it very interesting and I decided to apply”, says the Técnico student Leonor Carvalho (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and 3rd year delegate, who was also elected last year.

One year later, the overall results were quite positive. “We are the students’ spokespersons. We promote the relationships of students with course coordinators, faculty and governing bodies”, she highlights.

“When I entered MEGE, I wanted to change things a little. I wanted to be a delegate who really listens to students’ problems and fulfills the common interest and not just self-interest”, she explains. “I wanted to make a change that would be visible to everyone, and the truth is that I have positive feedback from my colleagues which makes me believe that I’m doing a good job”, she says.

Major changes have occurred last year – the pandemic, remote learning, and the transition to the new Teaching Model and Pedagogical Practices. “We had to deal with many new situations and problems that couldn’t be solved immediately, which required a great communication effort on our part to keep students informed”, recalls Leonor Carvalho.

“The support of older colleagues, who were already holding the Delegate position, and the Delegates Committee was essential, so we were never more than a phone call away from the help we need. Although we started our delegate functions in a very complicated year, we were not alone”, highlights Mágui.

The two students have no doubt that the Delegates Committee training plan is crucial to acquire skills and tools, and provide essential information to all delegates, so that they assume their role in the best way.

The two students stress that the delegate position has enhanced the relationship with their colleagues, and also their negotiation ability, public speaking and time management skills. “Above all, I think there is a greater organization, confidence and security of students, because they have someone to turn to”, says Mágui.

The elections for the 2021/2022 Delegates will take place next week – from 12th October at 17:00, until 14th October at 16:59. The application process is already underway and runs until 11th of October. Applications must be made through an application form that can be filled in by the candidates themselves or by any student who proposes a colleague to assume the position. Voting will take place in the Helios platform, and the voting links will be individual. Each student will receive an email with the respective link and with all indications necessary to exercise their right to vote.