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Diploma Award Ceremony for Academic Excellence at Técnico

The initiative, carried out by the Pedagogical Council, aims to recognise the academic performance of Técnico students, awarding a Diploma of Excellence to the best undergraduate and master students.

The Diploma Award Ceremony for Academic Excellence took place this Wednesday. This is an initiative of the Pedagogic Council (PC) and aims to “promote and recognise the academic performance of students” at Técnico.

The president of Técnico, Professor Arlindo Oliveira, opened the session noting that Técnico “has a long history of quality and demand”, which “has made a difference comparing to other institutions”. “These diplomas also reward the work of all community that, throughout a century, have contributed to develop Técnico”, he said.

“Fortunately, the PC took the initiative to distinguish the best students at Técnico, showing one of the values that governs our school: meritocracy. We recognise merit at Técnico”. Professor Arlindo Oliveria also noted the importance of teamwork, even for the best individual students. “Don’t forget that teamwork and networking are essential to your future.”

João Pires Ribeiro, student vice-president of PC, thanked the families and colleagues who “complied with the principles and goals of Técnico”.

According to the president of Scientific Council, professor Luís Oliveira e Silva, this is a moment to celebrate “this is an important moment at Técnico”. “Getting into Técnico is difficult. Completing a course is hard. Being among the best students is an unique achievement”, he said. “You are an example for your colleagues, for the new students (…). We are counting on you to enhance Técnico.”

Professor Raquel Aires-Barros, president of PC, closed the session saying that “it is a privilege for Técnico” and its faculty “to meet and to teach such outstanding students”. “I hope you promote Técnico around the world.”