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“Diversity in the workplace is very important”

These are the words of Isabel Vaz, a guest speaker of Alumni Talks - Women Edition.

The event Alumni Talks – Women Edition took place on the International Women’s Day, March 8th, at Técnico. Isabel Vaz (Luz Saúde), Constança Coimbra (Mckinsey & Company), Sofia Lufinha (Pingo Doce), Beatriz Jorge (Feedzai) and Sara Oom de Sousa (Openbook) were the invited Técnico alumnae who participated in the event, shared their experiences and inspired another women.

The alumnae highlighted the importance of studying at Técnico, where they learnt to improve “their problem solving skills” and “their willingness to learn”.

“I decided to attend this event because it is an excellent opportunity to meet successful female entrepreneurs and also to celebrate the International Women’s Day”, explains Sofia Carreira, Mechanical Engineering student. “The most useful and wise advice I received was that the things our first job teaches us are very important and that we should look at it not as an end but as the beginning of something. And this will allow us to experience new things and to develop skills that may be essential to our future success”, said Sofia Carreira.

According to Isabel Vaz, CEO of Luz Saúde, “we are as good as men doing the exact same jobs, and we must focus on that. Diversity in the workplace is very important. And when we talk about diversity, it’s not just about having a balanced gender mix, it’s diversity at all levels. Success lies on that.”

“Don’t let fear limit your future”, said Constança Coimbra, Industrial Engineering and Management alumna. “I think that we, women, are afraid of taking risks. I advise you not to give up: try first, because if anything goes wrong, you can change. And this is something that applies to your personal and professional lives”, said the Técnico almuna.