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Bioengineering week focused on diversity

This year’s edition comprised a variety of different activities, brought together different speakers and addressed several topics, matching the interests of all courses involved in the event.

The Bioengineering Week (SBE) is running at Técnico since 5th March. Cellular bioengineering, biomechanics, health systems, personalised healthcare, as well as food and cosmetic industry are some of the topics included in the programme. The event will bring together more than 70 business representatives, faculty and researchers.

According to Jorge João, from the organising committee, the lectures are “the true essence of this event” and attract a large number of people. Until Tuesday there were more than 500 people registered. The organisation also organised four workshops and two study visits. “In Monday’s workshop, for example, the participants were able to learn how to make beer,” shares Jorge João.

At the end of each day, and in an informal atmosphere, several alumni shared their experiences. André Almeida, production engineer at Hovione, Isabel Oliveira, quality assurance engineer at Azbil Telstar and Luís Costa, chief operations officer at A4F-Algae for Future, were the invited alumni of one of the sessions. The alumni spoke about their academic journey and lessons learnt. “Absorb all the knowledge you can”, “take full advantage of the opportunities that will come your way”, “everything you do now will have an impact in your curriculum”, “don’t be afraid of taking risks” were some of the messages left by the three alumni.

This is the 4th edition of SBE and involves the participation of Integrated Master students in Biomedical and Biological Engineering, as well as MSc students in Biotechnology and Microbiology. All these courses are part of the Department of Bioengineering at Técnico. This variety of interests and knowledge always requires “a reinforced cooperation”, as highlights the organisation of the event. “The fact that bioengineering is such a comprehensive and important area makes this event a single one”, says Jorge João.