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Election of Técnico’s Governing Bodies (2021-2024)

The election of Técnico’s governing bodies – Faculty Assembly, School Assembly, Scientific Council and Pedagogical Council – for the quadriennium 2021-2024, will take place on 2nd and 3rd December 2020, using electronic voting.

In accordance with article 10 of the Electoral Regulations for the Election of IST Governing Bodies, the Governing Board informs the School about the procedure for electronic voting: from 2nd  December at 10:00 to 3rd December at 18:00.

  • Vote will be done through Fenix system (users accreditation – istxxxxx / password).
  • Access to detailed information and voting are available here.

• Location of computer equipment on campuses for voting:
o Alameda: Main building – Meeting Room
o CTN: Library
o Taguspark: Room 0.49.
• Personal equipment with internet access may be used.

The electoral campaign will take place from today, 23rd November, until 30th November 2020.

More information: