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“Engenheiro Augusto Ramalho-Rosa” scholarship programme extends support

Six scholarships will be renewed and two new scholarships will be awarded.

The “Engenheiro Augusto Ramalho-Rosa” scholarship programme awarded 8 scholarships to Técnico students. The ceremony took place this Monday, 10th May.

Cíntia Gomes and Rúben Batista were awarded these scholarships for the first time. The other 6 Técnico students – Bernardo Menezes, Lucas Nabais, Renato Neves, Rodrigo Pedroso, Tomás Oliveira and Xavier Ferreira – renewed their scholarships. The “Engenheiro Augusto Ramalho-Rosa” scholarships are awarded to Civil Engineering students in honour of engineer Augusto Ramalho-Rosa, patron and civil engineering alumnus.

The vice-president of Técnico for Academic Affairs, professor Alexandre Francisco, congratulated the scholarship holders and highlighted “these initiatives are very important to us, in particular to our students, who are rewarded for their academic merit and effort”. “I would also like to thank the scholarship Patron for supporting our students”, he added.

The scholarship holders expressed their gratitude and highlighted how these scholarships will impact their lives. “Things were a lot easier for me after I have received this scholarship, so I want to thank our patrons once again for recognising my potential”, said Xavier Ferreira.

Tomás Oliveira highlighted the importance of the volunteer work that scholarship holders are required to do. “Volunteering helps me, as a student and as a human being, to understand the reality of other people, which also helps me to stay focused on my academic performance”.

“I am very grateful to receive this scholarship. It will help me to have great financial relief and become more independent. I am much more motivated and willing to do my best”, said Cíntia Gomes.

“I feel very honoured. This scholarship makes all the difference. I will be able to pursue my studies and finish my university degree. I want to give back the support that has been given to me. Thank you for giving us this opportunity”, said Rúben Batista.

“This is always an exciting moment for us because we are aware of the importance of these scholarships to your lives”, said Dr Rita Schreck, scholarship patron. “Técnico is great, my father used to say it many times. We just have to thank you for your commitment and effort. You can count on us, we will do our best to support you”, she stressed.

The ceremony was attended by the Academic Development Unit (NDA) team, which promotes the event and follows the entire scholarship award process, DECivil representatives, the coordinator of Civil Engineering MSc programme, professor António Pinto da Costa, and the Head of DECivil, professor Jorge Brito. “The impact of this support goes far beyond the payment of the scholarship. There is nothing more motivating than the pursuit of a goal and there is nothing more rewarding than the fulfilment of a dream”, said professor António Pinto da Costa.

This scholarship programme has been supporting Técnico students for 4 consecutive years. A total of 11 scholarships have been awarded .