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New scholarship programme supports Técnico students

Técnico and Lisbon Rotary Club signed a collaboration protocol this Tuesday, September 8.

This Tuesday, September 8, Técnico and Lisbon Rotary Club (RCL) signed a collaboration protocol that establishes the creation of Engineer Alberto de Freitas scholarship programme, in honour of the civil engineer graduated at Técnico.

The ceremony took place at Lisbon Rotary Club and was attended by engineer Rui Matoso (president of RCL), professor Rogério Colaço (president of IST), professor Isabel Ribeiro (vice-president of IST for administrative modernization) and some members of RCL. The scholarship patron Maria Francisca de Freitas, who is member of Rotary action group for Community Development (NRDC), couldn’t attend the ceremony but engineer Rui Matoso brought her message to the audience: “These scholarships are the best way to perpetuate the memory, the kindness and the spirit of solidarity of engineer Alberto de Freitas”.

Professor Rogério Colaço shared that 36 years ago he was also a scholarship holder and highlighted the importance of this support “which ensures that no talented students are excluded for financial reasons”. “Técnico has the best students in the country and it is an honour to see that civil society is available to support our students, the future professionals who will create value for our country” he said.

At the end of the ceremony, the president of RCL – also Técnico alumnus, stressed that supporting the education is one of Rotary’s seven areas of focus. “This protocol is a milestone in the relationship between Lisbon Rotary Club and education, investing in people with so much potential to transform the community in which they stand”.

These scholarships will support the tuition fees of two Técnico students (Civil Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering) during the academic year 2020/2021. More information is available on NDA website.