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Filstone Academic Merit Award in Engineering in Mining and Energy Resources

Filstone will award an annual merit award to the top five students who enter the undergraduate programme in Engineering in Mining and Energy Resources at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Filstone and Instituto Superior Técnico have just signed an agreement that aims to reward students who will enter the undergraduate degree in Engineering in Mining and Energy Resources, through the National Competition for Access to Public Higher Education, for their academic excellence.

The Filstone Academic Merit Award in Engineering in Mining and Energy Resources will include a monetary prize, equivalent to the total value of tuition fees during 3 years (1st cycle). Up to five students, with the highest application grades, will be selected, as long as they have an average grade greater or equal to 16 points.

With this award, Filstone and Técnico intend to foster and promote training in this scientific area, as well as the academic performance of students.

More information:
Prof. José Manuel Marques (coordinator)
Prof. Amélia Dionísio (co-coordinator).

About the Undergraduate Programme – Engineering in Mining and Energy Resources.

The production of green energy and the digital transformation of our society are based on the access to an increasing quantity and diversity of mineral resources, to be used both as raw materials and energy sources. Mining and Energy Resources Engineering seeks out these mineral resources, plans and manages their use, making use of technological innovation, namely the automation and digitalisation of processes, to produce raw materials or energy itself. The Mining and Energy Resources Engineer uses engineering tools to overcome the challenges and complexity of accessing the materials hidden in the terrestrial and marine subsoil, to make them available to society in a sustainable way.