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“I will try to be a president who listens to everyone”

These were the words by professor Rogério Colaço, candidate for Técnico president, at a public hearing held this Wednesday.

Rogério Colaço, professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DEM-IST) and the only candidate for Técnico president, presented his projects and ideas in a public hearing held this Wednesday, 20th November, at Alameda campus. Students, researchers, professors and staff attended the session and questioned the candidate who intends to take up the challenge of leading the school over the next 4 years.

“I would like to thank professor Arlindo Oliveira for the generous, committed, competent and visionary way he Chaired Técnico over the last few years”, said professor Rogério Colaço, who also stressed the two major challenges: the restructuring of Integrated Master Courses and the entry into force of the new accounting standards.

Higher education, Research, Development and Innovation, Technology Transfer, Multipolar Operation, Internationalisation, Communication, Human Resources, Infrastructures, Quality Management Processes, Information Technology and Financing will be the main areas of expertise.

“Research, Development and Innovation is one of Técnico’ s key mission and it is an important source of revenue, so I think we have to increase our participation in national and international projects”, said professor Rogério Colaço.

“Technology Transfer at Técnico has been growing significantly and I hope it continues to expand”, said the candidate. Professor Rogério Colaço intends “to open the Técnico Partner Network to micro and small enterprises”. Regarding the Multipolar Operation, the candidate recalled “we must equally invest in the three Técnico campuses”.

“We must equally invest in the three Técnico campuses”

Communication and human resources were also topics considered by the candidate. “At this moment, there is a much clearer view of Técnico’ s importance than it was 10 years ago. We must keep working on this”. Professor Rogério Colaço recalled that “a plan for faculty and researchers hiring and renewal is already in force, which was reapproved by the Governing Board. It is my intention to keep this plan because it will be very important for Técnico. A renewal and requalification programme for other professional categories is missing and I have committed myself to do so in the first half of 2020 and I am confident that it will happen”.

“Quality Management Processes and Information Technology (IT) are strategic areas that are always at cruising speed” said the DEM professor, who also highlighted the difficulty of hiring and maintaining IT workers.

“Investment in rehabilitation and requalification has been low. We have not had the capacity to do so but, right now, the school needs it”, stressed professor Rogério Colaço. Appropriate intervention strategies to Técnico’ s buildings will occur during the first semester of 2020, prioritizing the most urgent. With regard to the funding, the candidate explained “this is a real problem and there is no clear solution to it. We must increase our capacity to raise our own revenues”.

“I will make accessibility for people with reduced mobility one of my priorities”

During the session, professor Rogério Colaço tried to answer the 93 questions submitted online, namely on course redesign, funding and financial sustainability, precarious scientific employment and qualification of non-teaching staff. The candidate shown himself open to hear and support new ideas. “I will make accessibility for people with reduced mobility one of my priorities”, he said after answering a question.

Professor Rogério Colaço tried to answer all questions. At the end of the public hearing he said “I will try to be a president who listens to everyone. I don’t have a solution for every problem, so I think it’s very important to dialogue and listening”.