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IST Shaping the Future

The programme “IST Shaping the Future" aims to promote the integration of faculty into Técnico and to foster the sharing of best practices.

The 5th “IST Shaping the future” will take place from 4th to 6th September, at the Lisbon Academy of Sciences. This programme is organised by the IST Scientific Council (CC) and IST Pedagogic Council (CP), in partnership with the Academic Development Office (NDA) and aims to promote the scientific independence of new faculty and researchers, as well as the development of an academic career with international impact.

The welcome session was hosted by professor Luís Oliveira e Silva, president of IST Scientific Council, professor Raquel Aires-Barros, president of IST Pedagogic Council, and professor Carlos Salema, president of Lisbon Academy of Sciences. “Do not disperse yourselves, you must concentrate on your activities and be innovative. You should dedicate yourselves to your students. Scientific publication is also important”, said professor Carlos Salema.

“This programme aims to help you to improve your career”, explained the president of IST Scientific Council. “We designed this programme to answer some of the questions you may have; and on the other hand, we want you to be inspired by the experience of other Técnico professors”, he added. “The success of Técnico is the success of every single member of its community” he said.

Professor José Tribolet, Distinguished Professor at Técnico, recalled important moments of his teaching career: “Your primary responsibility is the success of your students”. The Distinguished Professor also shared the challenges he faced throughout his career, the importance of communication skills, the innovation he brought to Técnico and the importance of defining short-term goals. “I am fulfilled and happy but, above all, I feel privileged. You must be forces of change”, he added.

Over the next two days, 18 new faculty members will have the opportunity to learn more about Técnico and attend lectures, debates and workshops.