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Positive outcome from the 6th edition of “Shaping the Future”

The 6th edition of “Shaping the Future” – integration and career development of IST faculty and researchers – took place on 16th and 17th September, at IST congress centre (Alameda campus). Align strategy, try to identify all possible failures and promote the exchange of experiences were the goals defined during the event.

The event was attended by new faculty and researchers, who had already joined the programme “Shaping the Future”, and mentors, who are key players in this process. The debate was moderated by the president of the Scientific Council (CC), professor Luís Oliveira e Silva, the president of the Pedagogic Council (CP), professor Raquel Aires Barros, and the NDA team, coordinated by Isabel Gonçalves. Many people joined the debate via Zoom.

On 16th September afternoon, assistant professors and researchers shared their experiences and perspectives regarding the programme. On 17th September afternoon, mentors held a meeting that was followed by a session that generated a healthy exchange of ideas with all participants. At the end, there was a unanimity of opinions on “Shaping the Future” – “a fundamental programme that makes a difference in the career of junior faculty and junior researchers”.

Paulo Ferreira, professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and mentor, recalled “this programme is very important”, and stressed “it will help the new faculty to succeed”. “The assistant professors have the potential to go much further and will ensure the future of the school”, said Rodrigo Rodrigues, professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI) and mentor. “This programme will allow faculty to succeed”, he added.

Many other professors gave important suggestions for future editions, such as: the role of a mentor, the link between “Shaping the Future” and the IST departments and the composition/role of the Tenure-Track Period Monitoring Committee.

“Técnico is becoming a better recruiter”, said professor Luís Oliveira e Silva during the final session. “There are several determining factors such as “Shaping the Future” that contributes to the success of faculty in tenure-track period, which has generally improved over the years”.

Professor Raquel Aires de Barros stressed that new professors are most often excellent and show willingness for pedagogical innovation. “This programme is not static, it’s evolving. We reflect upon it constantly and we try to improve it”.

“I am counting on your expertise and commitment so that Técnico’s future remains bright. I am very proud to have so many talented professors and talented students at Técnico”, said professor Rogério Colaço, Técnico president.